Saturday, July 23, 2011

ChG Oxodized Aqua Crackle & Giveaway Winnings

Hey dolls, yours truly won a giveaway last week on Polished Components...woohoo!!! Her blog is really cool, so check it out. Here's what I won...
*3 of the new ChG crackles: Cracked Medallion, Oxodized Aqua, & Latticed Lilac
*LA Colors Art Deco striper in blue/purple glitter
*2 nail art kits
*Holo spectraflair top coat
*Lots of other goodies...perfumes and lotions

I decided to try out China Glaze Oxodized Aqua over Reggae to Riches (see swatches HERE) since it already has a blue duochrome. I love this color combo. I applied 1 medium coat of the crackle and it came out well. No issues at all.

I really like how shimmery these are! I typically do crackles for accents, but I wanted to do a full hand so you could see the full effect. They are so easy to fall back on when I'm too lazy to do any other nail art. I'm excited to try some of the gems and decals from the nail art kits because I didn't own any previous to these winnings. Thanks again to Polished Components for the awesome giveaway!!!


Veronica said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awesome combo!

beachgal said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am so not a fan of crackles/shatters. But when CG came out with their metallic, I found acceptance in their gold, the coppery one and this aqua one. Pairing the aqua over Reagge to Riches looks great. RtoR is been one of my fav shades..but then I am beyond fond on anything in the fuchsia range. Congrats on your win!

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