Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Last of the Stash

As promised, here is the last of my stash that is swatched onto nail wheels. Since starting this series, I didn't really buy many polishes until the last two weeks. I found the Foiled Color Club set at Ross and couldn't resist it since I don't own many foils. That's neither here nor there though...this post is pretty lengthy, so let's get started with the grays and blacks.

  1. Zoya Dove*
  2. OPI Skull & Gloss-Bones
  3. OPI I Vant to Be A-Lone Star
  4. Avon Matte Grey Cement
  5. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Gunmetal
  6. Barielle Coalest Day of the Year
  7. Aldo Hit the Pavement*
  8. Nicka Black
  9. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out
  10. Goldie #38
  11. WnW Shine Night Prowl
  12. Essie Power Clutch
  13. Loreal Cockatoo's Mystery*
  14. WnW Fantasy Makers Purple Potion
  15. WnW Fantasy Makers Black Magic
Zoya Dove is one of my most favorite grays ever! Avon Matte Grey Cement was actually my first matte polish last year. I picked up WnW Purple Potion on a random trip to Walgreens, not even realizing its a dupe for Night Prowl, so I swapped that one. I'm most looking forward to wearing Essie Power Clutch from this color group.


  1. Zoya Jules*
  2. OPI Simply Smash-ing
  3. Zoya Goldie
  4. Barielle Gelt Me to the Party
  5. Funky Fingers Golden Coast*
  6. Sally Girl Gold Glitter
  7. Juicy Couture Gold Glitter*
  8. OPI Pros & Bronze
  9. Barielle Aura Angora
Zoya Jules is an awesome color. I love the way it looks like an antique gold necklace melted over my nails. I'm really looking forward to wearing OPI Pros & Bronze.


  1. Zoya Minka* 
  2. Zoya Shay*
  3. Zoya Pandora*
  4. Zoya Gretchen*
  5. FingerPaints Holly-wood Frame
  6. SH Complete Peachy Keen
  7. Essie Sand Tropez
  8. China Glaze Camison
  9. Barielle Buddha-ful*
  10. Barielle Make it a Latte*
  11. Beauti Control Chocolate Truffle
  12. SH Insta-Dri Slick Slate
  13. China Glaze Midtown Magic
  14. Diamond Cosmetics Decadence
  15. Loreal Owl's Night*
  16. SH Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice*
  17. Barielle Cowl of the Wind
  18. Butter LONDON All Hail the Queen


  1. Color Club Nouveau Vintage
  2. Color Club Rebel Spirit
I've already said that Zoya Gretchen is my most favorite nude ever! After wearing Barielle Make it a Latte recently, that's now my favorite brown. Loreal Owl's Night takes the cake for one of the most unique in this color family. I'm looking forward to wearing Color Club Nouveau Vintage and ChG Midtown Magic.


  1. Zoya Sooki*
  2. Zoya Kimmy*
  3. SH Xtreme Wear Ice Coffee
  4. ChG Ruby Pumps
  5. OPI Love is a Racket*
  6. Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You?
  7. Zoya Posh
Here's the color I have the least of. I'm so not a red girl. I recently stated that OPI Love is a Racket is my favorite red...but this is only by theory. I love it in the bottle...its the perfect candy red shade, but the wear on me was horrible and it stained. I'm really looking forward to wearing Zoya Posh...I have been wanting this color after seeing it on many blogs and finally got it during their last promo.


  1. SH Xtreme Wear White On*
  2. Essie Marshmallow*
  3. FingerPaints Private Collection
  4. NYC Starry Silver Glitter
  5. OPI Servin' Up Sparkle*
  6. Goldie #10
  7. OPI Your Royal Shine-ness*
  8. OPI Spark De Triomphe
  9. Orly Rock Solid
  10. Glitter Gal Silver Sparkle*
  11. Color Club Boho Mojo
  12. WnW Party of Five Glitters
  13. WnW Gray's Anatomy
  14. Nicole By OPI Positive Energy
I can't say I really have a favorite from this family. I'm looking forward to wearing Essie Marshmallow as a full mani, as well as Orly Rock Solid. I'm not the biggest fan of silver polishes so I don't have many of them. 

Whew...that was a lot. I hope you all have enjoyed just a little peek into my stash at its current state. I've accumulated a lot and I promised myself that I wont have more polish than what my Melmer can hold...we'll see how that goes. As usual, let me know if there is anything that you would like to see. 

*Polishes have been blogged about previously


beachgal said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love looking at stash color wheels - thanks for doing this and sharing it with us. I am a huge red fan and always have been - but this year I started finally wearing a ton of blues and not just totally safe ones like a blackened/blue! I adored wearing Zoya Kimmy on my toes this summer - I kept going back to it and that's something for me as I really love my magentas and fuchsias showing on my toes in summer - cannot get enough OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia ever. I have OPI DS Royal layered way too many coats to make it opaque - dumb as it's so expensive to nab now I won't ever get another bottle - then I put a stripe of Rose metallic Stripe Rite across the tips of my toes like on a French mani - pulled out all the great fushia that is inside of the DS Royal. Once I am home from my surgery, I am going to re-do all my organization and wheels - some precious shades however are only going to get a couple stripes down the middle of the nail on the wheel - don't want to waste some that I adore and now are impossible to replace. I have some OPI's back to inception in the late 80's and some CG dating before then.

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